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We have a mountain to climb.

Leaders across the world are joining the push for the summit of Mount Sustainability as they strive to eliminate our negative impact on people and planet. New paths towards the mountaintop are found every day.

But a few pioneers looked out to the horizon and discovered a larger mountain to explore. We named it Mount Flourishing. This peak cannot be reached simply by reducing unsustainability. The pinnacle stands atop a journey of positive change that gives back to life more than we take.

We designed the Ākāśa Akademy to prepare young people for making their own ascent on Mount Flourishing. A new generation of changemakers are coming together for a shared journey.

The Ākāśa Akademy offers three transformative courses to support and guide a lifetime journey as a changemaker.

Basecamp (Launching in September 2015)

Basecamp is the foundation course of the Ākāśa Akademy. It is an interactive online course to help discover a unique purpose and take the first steps as a changemaker. Ākāśa changemakers learn the skillsets and mindsets needed to thrive within any organisation or work independently to create positive change.

The Quest (Launching in January 2016)

The Quest is the intermediate course of the Ākāśa Akademy. This blended-learning course guides changemakers in blazing their own trail up the different faces of Mount Flourishing. Personal coaching and mentoring helps integrate changemaker mindsets and skillsets to create a changemaker project or enterprise.

The Journey (Launching in mid-2016)

The Journey is the advanced course of the Ākāśa Akademy. Once they are ready and willing to step out on the journey of their life, changemakers can use this blended-learning course as a lifelong resource to help find their element on their chosen path. Personal coaching and mentoring continues to guide them through the different peaks and valleys of work and life as a changemaker. We also offer residential experiences as regular sanctuaries for a community of changemakers to share experiences and recharged before taking their next steps.

Welcome to the Ākāśa Akademy.

Mark Spokes


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