Greta Rossi is an experienced professional trainer. As a certified coach, Greta support numerous individual changemakers in working on their diverse projects around the world. She is also an expert in hosting workshops and facilitating collaboration on all subject related to:

  • Changemaking (e.g. systems change, elements of change, and social entrepreneurship)
  • Leadership (e.g. feminine, integrated, youth, and sustainability leadership)
  • Wellbeing (e.g. individual, organisational, and digital wellbeing)


Contact us to book Greta for one-on-one or group coaching support.


Contact us to book Greta as a facilitator for your team meeting or organisational retreat.

  • The team at Ākāśa Innovation have built a powerful, holistic approach to helping people create positive impact in their own lives and the world. They integrate diverse viewpoints and cutting edge learning with a wisdom that takes our understanding of sustainability and leadership to a new level. With their focus on learning from nature and life as a whole, and on process and relationship, Ākāśa Innovation take people to a place where creating positive impact can become an unfolding way of being, rather than an elusive outcome.

    SEÁN DAGAN WOOD Editor-in-chief of Positive News
  • Coaching was like a pit-stop, where you could stop, relax, reflect upon so many topics you didn’t even know you needed to let out... It was truly something I looked forward over the weeks and definitely something I miss a lot.

  • Greta is a truly unique being. Every time I have spoken with her, I felt renewed, refreshed and equipped to carry on. Greta brings positive energy that lights up the room and makes you feel at ease, giving you the courage to make challenging decisions to fight in the arena for a better world. I particularly enjoyed her way of “guiding” you: she takes things at your own pace and really listens to find the right approach for you, always letting you be in control of the conversation. I appreciated Greta’s ability to balance kindness with a fearless determination to tackle things head-on, an art she is talented in.

    Tori Handsley Ākāśa Changemaker

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