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Event Giles Hutchins
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We would like to thank London-based poet Charles Kaye for dedicating this poem to us after attending our book launch of “The Illusion of Separation” with author Giles Hutchins.

People need a pill.
When they’ve got so ill.
A mind full of motive,
And never still.
The illusion is unconsciousness.
To tread the path –
To redress.
Darwin told Western man:
Evolution exists.
The physical evolves, subsists.
The mind,
The model,
The myth,
Are one.
Not as all energy,
Earth, moon and sun.
A mind without motive,
Is utterly still.
Take a tree –
Don’t let the attention flee.
What you inhale,
He exhales.
And in competition,
Man really fails.
But Darwin stopped at the evolution of the body.
A mind just accumulates.
It’s fundamentally shoddy.
Energy is dynamic.
More profound and panoramic.
Nothing will happen,
Until individual human beings,
Accept and know,
They’ll die one day.
And put aside fear and dismay.
This does not mean –
Run off into pleasure, escape or leisure.
It means to grow.
This is the only way to solve,
The senseless situation,
Which we call the world.

Charles Kaye, Guest Blogger


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