Greta Rossi is a transformative public speaker, inspiring others to join in making change with educational talks for large audiences and empowering workshops for smaller communities. She has been invited to speak at events around the world, including TEDxBologna2016 and the 2018 Women Power Summit. She is available for talks and workshops on all subject related to:

  • Changemaking (e.g. systems change, elements of change, and social entrepreneurship)
  • Leadership (e.g. feminine, integrated, youth, and sustainability leadership)
  • Wellbeing (e.g. individual, organisational, and digital wellbeing)


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  • Ākāśa Innovation transformed me from another cog in the system to an agent of change. It both questioned and informed me, ultimately leaving me with the skills and vision necessary for this time of great disruption.

    CHRIS BAIRD Ākāśa Changemaker
  • This is a golden opportunity for a group of youths to move on forward and not just reach in to the deep greatness of the potential within each of them, but to act as lighthouses, as beacons for others around them, and for younger generations coming up, who can then in turn do it again for another generation and another generation. It starts here. After all, what we choose to do here and now has huge ramifications for the more beautiful world, the future world, that our hearts know is possible.

    POLLY HIGGINS Barrister, Earth lover and author of "Eradicating Ecocide"
  • Greta exudes love, care and wisdom in her role as Chief Empathy Officer of Ākāśa Innovation. I find her a real inspiration with her unending determination to make social impact and the tirelessness with which she works on her projects whilst still being able to dedicate so much attention to the development of her team members and to young people interested in social enterprise. She is a true role-model for feminine leadership and integrity, and I know she has the potential to make a huge impact in the world of social business.

    Anna Levy Coach

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