Small Steps

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Photo by Greta Rossi

Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step. (Martin Luther King Jr.)

The first step in any endeavour is often the hardest to take. Sustainability is just one potential future and in the uncertainty of our new post-cautionary world, a decision to take the first step on this journey requires courage and faith. The next steps to building a better world together can often be no less difficult though. The whole staircase will never be visible when each step brings another into view.

The route towards sustainability is perhaps more complex than ascending a staircase. The late Ray Anderson called on everyone to scale the face of “Mount Sustainability”. To reach out and grip the next handhold might be even less certain and take more courage than placing a step on a staircase. We soon discover that there are more ways than one to progress upwards.

We must all prepare to take some giant leaps to make the next distant and uncertain handhold. The journey towards sustainability and becoming fit for purpose in an age of crises requires radical transformations in the way that we connect with our social and environmental ecosystems. Yet there will also be times to make steady progress on a slow and difficult climb. Transformations are found in, through and during the constant motion in the entelechia of “being at work”.

Small actions keep us moving upwards towards a net positive impact on people and planet. Ākāśa Innovation has just joined an initiative established by kaufDA to offset the carbon dioxide footprint of participating websites. The “My Blog is Carbon Neutral” aims to increase the carbon sink capacity of our forest areas by replanting one tree for every website that joins the initiative.

The climb up Mount Sustainability need not be made alone. There are pioneers ahead to encourage us to make the necessary big jumps and guides beside us to point out easy paths to take.

Greta Rossi

*Last updated on 8 June 2014.


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