Naked and Free

 In Ākāśa Elements, Guest Blogger
Photo by Greta Rossi
Welcome to Day (26) of our (50) Days of Summer! Today, London-based poet Charles Kaye explores how our past experiences shape who we become. Enjoy the poem and don’t forget to check out our Kickstarter Crowdfunding page!
Surveying the results and consequences of my education.
And remembering strolls through an old medieval village,
In Southern France.
And going into transient trance,
We ate pizzas by a roundabout.
There is no living without love,
Though we cannot make a law of that.
Laws should be for games –
Like golf and football.
And a summer haze of conscious recollections.
As if my whole life is unwound into an unintrusive dance.
Without confusion and projections.
And even Evening Standards,
Who nestled tribulations between America and Rio.
And piles of Bombay mix,
And Cadbury’s creme eggs.
And Crime and Punishment scribbled on the back of brown envelopes.
My mind was like an envelope,
In which my life was sealed and delivered.
Now I feel so naked.
And so free.

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