In The Middle Of The River

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The river knows its destination. The elders of the Hopi nation invite us simply to trust it. We can cling onto the shore and hope to resist the power of the current without being torn apart. Or we can let go and abandon ourselves to the flow of water. So this week, I accepted the invitation and pushed right into the middle of the river. As my head emerged from the water, I realised I was not alone. Others surrounded me. We were all afraid, wounded and exhausted, but happy to have found each other.

Young social entrepreneurs from across Europe, North Africa and the Middle East came together at the Ashoka ChangemakerXchange in Istanbul to share this journey. We could sense from the first moment that the summit would transcend its mission: to connect young innovators, create spaces for peer-to-peer learning and facilitate new collaborations. In letting go and allowing ourselves to be vulnerable, we found each other. We showed up as our authentic selves and shared our fears and anxieties. We dared greatly.

We came to realise together that our collective journey never ends. Our shared work remains incomplete. We are nomads always on the move. But we have created a home in one another and found ourselves downstream together with renewed hope and appreciation for the path ahead. The river flows on and we carry the dreams of our generation and those to come.

Greta Rossi


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