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Enventure Festival
Photo by Greta Rossi

Last Saturday, 8 February 2014, a group of around 100 young people gathered at Impact Hub Westminster to be inspired and challenged by the intriguing stories of several entrepreneurs and adventures across all sectors. As a young social entrepreneur, I was invited to share my story and the story of Ākāśa Innovation at Enventure Festival. Here are the three pieces of advice I have learned over the past 5 months.

  • Be Prepared For Tomorrow

We live in a world that is paradoxical: on the one hand it is characterised by high levels of interconnectivity and interdependence and a rapid development of technology; on the other hand it is represented by an increasing sense of disempowerment of the single individual, organisation or government and a feeling of detachment from people and planet. In brief, we live in a world that is complex and uncertain and we must give up hopes to predict what tomorrow will bring. While there are exciting career opportunities for young people today, there are many challenges too. We then need to equip ourselves with the knowledge, skills and character to cope with uncertainty and to undertake a fast-changing journey.

  • Be Inspired By Life

Traditional models have failed to solve many of the global crises we are facing today we exacerbate them with perpetuation of these behaviours. We should follow Albert Einstein’s advice: “You cannot solve a problem from the same consciousness that created it. You must learn to see the world anew.” He is calling for a mindset shift if we wish to solve society’s most pressing problems. Such shift in mindset is possible only by looking around to seek different sources of inspiration – life, in all its complexity and diversity, teaches us many useful lessons that will help us create new stories about who we are and might become.

  • Flourish Together

As we are part of a complex and interconnected ecosystem, the only way to move forward is to flourish together. We need to shift away from the unsustainable practice of networking as a self-driven tool to focus more on building synergetic relationships based on empathy, compassion and care to support the development of a healthy ecosystem. This is a slow process, but it is organic and it ensures that your network is collaborative, nurturing and resilient. Most importantly, it ensures your network is prepared to cope with the uncertainties of the future.

These three pieces of advice constantly remind me I need to see the world anew if I wish to realise my vision to create a flourishing future for all.

Greta Rossi

*Last updated on 23 June 2015


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