Earth Day 2014

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Loved the activities, the food and the talk. And the venue!

The sun unexpectedly made an appearance and capped an enjoyable afternoon celebrating Earth Day 2014 at King Henry’s Walk Garden in Islington, London. We gathered a diverse group of forty people to share a few hours outdoors with some good food and drink and the opportunity to reflect on our relationship to our home, planet Earth. Dr. Michael Edwards and Harry Coade of Sound Matters helped everyone to think in a different way with their experiential talk on how sound can be used to reconnect with the planet as well as ourselves and other people. An important lesson we all learned for Earth Day is that a world for all life to flourish in needs an acceptance that life is simple.

A few thank-yous (in no particular order)…

Thank you Rosey for welcoming us to the beautiful and peaceful community space at King Henry’s Walk Garden. It felt great to spend a few hours surrounded by nature!

Thank you Emilia for cooking such a scrummy vegan lunch, so rich in flavours and full of nutrients. We will definitely come and see you again at Greenwich Market!

Thank you Itaca and London Fields Brewery for providing us with great organic Italian wine and local beers. A few of us could not stop drinking…

Thank you Anna, Daniel, Evgenia, Joanna, Melanie, Michelle, and Ushbah for volunteering your time and skills to help us in the smooth running of the event. Without you, Ākāśa Innovation Earth Day would not have been quite as much fun!

Thank you Mike and Harry for inspiring us with a thought-provoking talk. We definitely learned to think about sound and sustainability in a different way.

Thank you to all of you who joined us to celebrate Earth Day 2014. It was a real pleasure to see such a great group of people gathered together and we hope you enjoyed your time with us! Remember to visit Ākāśa Innovation‘s Facebook page to view the pictures from the event and share them with your friends.

Greta Rossi and Mark Spokes

*Last Updated on 8 June 2014

Photo by Evgenia Kharitonova

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