Day (19) of (50) Days of Summer

 In Ākāśa Elements, Guest Blogger
Image by Greta Rossi
Welcome to Day (19) of our (50) Days of Summer! Today, London-based poet Charles Kaye explores how we seek to find our place within the chaotic modern world. Enjoy the poem and don’t forget to check out our Kickstarter Crowdfunding page!
Half-whispered words
Nestle between silence and a resignation which is there,
But people don’t see.
The cult of television,
And the rules,
Which came from, or Near,
Years ago I went up Mount Nebo.
And the sunset was gold and glowing.
And not at all sectarian.
There was nothing to believe.
There was nothing!
There a wondrous creation,
To see, to know, experience.
As if I hardly needed any infinitive,
To write a poem.
We were all brought up,
On and to be rooted in
Fear, Guilt, Tradition,
And a sort of prayer co-mingled with
How many worlds are there?
As many as there are human minds?
I’ve been trying to say what can’t be said.
You can’t understand what can’t be dead!
There is a range applicable to the physical.
Range and rules are related.
And perhaps we shall say more about that.
Sanity is the stability which comes from keeping mind aside.
Waiting, willing, a brilliant bride.
Didn’t Clinton come from Arkansas?
States and states.
Measurable borders and lengths of time,
As “you” emerge,
Into a world you think you know.
How to see and how to grow?
Perhaps precious precision, yes.
Here, the psychotherapist was almost a successor to a priest.
Perhaps won’t give you wine or yeast.
Compassion or communion?
But where to find the Union?
Nowhere is a somewhat truthful answer.
And perhaps a cheeky bribe.
What have we ultimately to risk?
Which stops the process real and brisk?
Wanting to hold to a sense of self,
Combined with concern –
Survival and wealth.
Is all that really holds us down.
From root to eye to crown.

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