Book Review: Spiritual Intelligence in Leadership

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An increasing number of ordinary people, communities and organisations are daring to open themselves up to the calls of the Earth and create new stories about living in harmony with one another and the rest of the natural world. But before leading change in the world, they have connected to their inner leader and harnessed the power of its intuitive wisdom to guide their own lives. In Spiritual Intelligence in Leadership, Sarah Alexander encourages a change in the way we attend to the world. To connect to our innate spiritual intelligence, we must shift away from being managers and tap into a higher consciousness that can awake the leaders within us.

Alexander describes the journey from manager to leader as a transition from the control and domination of managerial thinking to the guiding and accepting thinking of the leader. She warns that this journey of inner transformation can be painful and challenging, but she also reminds us that the choice is ours: it can start right here, right now, with you and me. We can all unlock an incredible potential for peace, contentment and fulfilment if we connect to our true selves and the rest of life.

Alexander identifies the fundamental skills we need to cultivate our inner leaders. She suggests that the most important practice is stilling our minds and connecting inward through mindfulness meditation. Coming from a place of stillness offers us clearer vision about our problems and the problems of the Earth. It also empowers us to respond to any challenge from a place of love, kindness and possibility, rather than fear, blame and despair.

Spiritual Intelligence in Leadership is an honest and heartfelt reminder that the creation of a flourishing world is not possible until we embark on a journey of self-transformation. The one life that we can certainly change for the better is our own. To see the world anew through our inner life is the true miracle Alexander is calling for.

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