Ākāśa Innovation

Ākāśa Innovation is a not-for-profit social enterprise, established to prepare, inspire, and empower a new generation of changemakers.

Greta Rossi has worked with Dr. Mark Spokes, an academic specialist in transformative change, as well as other experts in sustainability and leadership to develop a community-based approach for co-creating a world for all life to flourish in.

Elements of Change

Elements of Change is our unique theory of change, bringing together the concepts, mindsets, and skillsets that changemakers need to build a better world. This holistic approach is represented by the four natural elements of Earth, Water, Air, and Fire, as well as the transformative fifth element of Ākāśa, the Sanskrit term for Soul.

  • Dr. Mark Spokes
    Dr. Mark Spokes
  • It was a great learning experience. I acquired an array of extraordinary skills that will help me transform myself as I grow older and more importantly transform the world I am living in for the better.

    MYRTO LALACOS Ākāśa Changemaker
  • Combined with the educators’ attentive guidance as well as close observation and thoughtful reflection of each young changemaker’s individual journey, the programme stimulated learning and personal growth as I have not experienced before. The extended and improved skillset I take from this course could not be more relevant and important for my journey ahead. Similarly, the personal connections formed throughout the programme are lasting and provide a strong community for exchange of ideas and support.

    FLORIAN RUTSCH Ākāśa Changemaker
  • Ākāśa Innovation is breaking the mould! It puts spiritual, ethical and intellectual transformations where they should be - at the heart of education!

    PROFESSOR ALAN HERTZ Professor of Humanities at Hult International Business School, London

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