Once you complete your preparations in Basecamp, we invite you to step out and blaze your own trail on the Quest. This blended-learning course guides you in creating your own changemaker project or enterprise. You can explore deeper online content when you need it and discover more about your own unique purpose. You will also receive personal coaching and mentoring to support you in building and integrating mindsets and skillsets into your life as a changemaker.

As you reach the peak of the Quest, you have the option to join a Summit – a weekend workshop to collaborate with other changemakers blazing their own trails. You will receive expert guidance on how to take your projects and enteprises to new heights or use what you have learned to take your next steps as a changemaker in a new direction. This is also a chance to enjoy life among a community of changemakers and celebrate life together at the summit.

Objectives and Outcomes

Build knowledge related to your own project.

Understand how your work can create the future you want.

Demonstrate the mindsets of an effective changemaker.

Draw on these mindsets to create your own successful project or enterprise.

Apply skillsets to your own project or enterprise.

Practice these tools for use in any situation.

Learn to see the world anew and create positive change.

Understand how your purpose fits in the wider patterns of life.


The Ākāśa Akademy works with five skillsets at the cutting-edge of contemporary changemaking. The step-by-step lessons in each course will guide you in using these skillsets that can be applied in any project or enterprise.

Impact Mapping

Master new ways to explore the positive and negative impact you have on the world. Understand what to map and who to involve in a process to get a better perspective.

Futures Design

Ignite your imagination to envision future worlds. Adopt design thinking to engage others with these ideas and start to experiment with ways of bringing them to reality.

Community Empowerment

Discover the art of hosting conversations for making change. Learn how to facilitate collaboration and build strong relationships with different communities.

Creative Storytelling

Learn the skill of storytelling and become an inspiring changemaker. Craft new narratives about the world you are creating and learn how to communicate the changes.

Appreciative Strategy

Develop systems thinking approaches to guide strategic decisions as a changemaker. Identify interests and their meaning to lead with values and build value.


The Ākāśa Akademy focuses on five mindsets that have been chosen by experts as essential for any changemaker to flourish. You will receive coaching and mentoring to support you in building these mindsets and learning how to apply them in your work and life.


Learn to use meditation, active listening and observation to become more self-aware and responsive to the challenges of the world around you.


Find commitment to your purpose and the courage to face an uncertain future. Learn resilience in the face of setbacks and become more adaptive to the constant changes in life.


Build compassion and empathy towards yourself and others. Discover ways to cope with apathy and aggression and embrace radical trust in relationships.


Let go of the shame and persona concealing who you are and how you want to act in the world. Find serenity in accepting who you want to be as a changemaker.


Open up to different perspectives and find joy in the world you are creating. Appreciate your own journey and show gratitude to those helping you along.


In addition to the Basecamp features of online learning, adaptive learning, educators, certification and competence badges, the Quest includes the following features.

Blended Learning

Blended learning keeps all of the benefits of online learning, allowing you to work though the course at your own pace and on your own time. When you are ready you can work with experienced changemakers face-to-face and take the chance to collaborate with others at a summit.

Purpose Learning

You might be used to declaring a major to study or choosing a degree with set content. Purpose learning is more like declaring a mission and then actively pursuing the knowledge and advisers that can fuel this purpose. We will support and guide you in creating the project you are passionate about.


The Quest is unique to each changemaker and we understand that you will have your own motivation. Everyone is inspired by different people, so we have collected insights and stories by expert changemakers across the world for you to explore when you need some wisdom to help you along your journey.


The Ākāśa Akademy is home to a diverse community of changemakers. The Quest becomes easier when there are others on the path with you. We encourage collaboration on projects and we host regular meetings of changemakers to share experiences and enjoy the company.


You will receive personal coaching throughout the Quest. Greta is a qualified coach and experienced in transformative coaching for young changemakers. All of our Ākāśa Changemakers benefit from one-to-one meetings that are designed to support you in areas that you identify as priorities.


You will get personal mentoring at key points during the course. This individual feedback is a chance to reflect on the progress of your work with an experienced changemaker. Think of a mentor as a guide who knows something of the path you are travelling and can advise you on next steps to take.


The Quest will open for applications for changemakers who have completed Basecamp. You can register your interest for an earlybird discount during 2016 if you have already finished Basecamp or are near completion. We actively seek funds to support young changemakers and we have a limited number of scholarships for those needing additional assistance with the course fee. We are not-for-profit and all course fees are used to run the social enterprise and create value for young changemakers. Fill out this online form if you need to apply for a scholarship.

  • Course Fees
    • Fees applicable from 1st January 2017

Our Summits are optional add-ons for changemakers who are on their Ascent in the Quest. You can work with your coach and mentor to determine when you are ready to join a Summit team. We also have a limited number of scholarships for those needing additional assistance with the Summit fee. We are not-for-profit and all course fees are used to run the social enterprise and create value for young changemakers. Fill out this online form if you need to apply for a scholarship.

More information about the Summit, e.g. dates and location, will be available at the beginning of 2017.

  • Summit Fees
    • Fees applicable to young people enrolled in the Quest course
  • Ākāśa Innovation has given me confidence, a group of like-minded people but above all renewed hope for our future. I would recommend this programme to anyone who is serious about embarking on the journey towards flourishing, be that personal, professional, or both.

    STEPHAN HÜRHOLZ Ākāśa Changemaker
  • One of the most valuable features of the programme was the focus on my own learning process rather than on the final outcome. I felt more calm and focused and at ease with my own progress without needing to compare to others and to reach their level. The second feature I valued was the sense of belonging to a home where friendships formed very naturally and easily. I felt equal to everyone, even to the educators, something very liberating. I was given the opportunity to work on myself on multiple levels whilst also practicing our skills. These positive experiences helped me overcome long-held negative beliefs, a sense of hopelessness and low self-confidence. I feel very empowered and inspired for my journey ahead. Most importantly I am filed with gratefulness for all the experiences I shared and with humility towards myself, others and the planet.

    KORIN MITROVA Ākāśa Changemaker
  • Ākāśa Innovation has strengthened my mindsets and pushed me forward on my journey.

    TORI HANDSLEY Ākāśa Changemaker
  • Ākāśa Innovation is breaking the mould! It puts spiritual, ethical and intellectual transformations where they should be - at the heart of education!

    PROFESSOR ALAN HERTZ Professor of Humanities at Hult International Business School, London

If you have any question, comment or feedback, drop us a line and we'll get back to you asap.