The Journey is the last course of the Ākāśa Akademy and it is a personalised programme for your own life as a changemaker. This blended-learning course helps you find your element on the path you choose to take. The Journey is a lifelong resource, so that you can draw upon the lessons of the advanced online content whenever you need it most. You can continue with personalised coaching and mentoring to guide you through the different peaks and valleys of making a living as a changemaker. The Ākāśa Akademy is your community and we are with you in your commitment to create positive change for people and planet.

Life as a changemaker becomes increasingly more focused on the Journey than the destination, but we all deserve moments to rest and reflect on where we are, where we have been and where we are going. You can enjoy the residential experiences that we have created as regular sanctuaries for a community of changemakers to share experiences and recharge before taking their next steps. You can lodge yourself on a Plateau for a while to watch the world and enjoy activities designed to help you find your element in the next stage of the Journey.

Objectives and outcomes

Develop a deep understanding of the nature of the world and who you are in it.

Build knowledge of how to make a living as an effective changemaker.

Master the mindsets of a changemaker and use them to thrive in work and life.

Guide others in building mindsets and create a community around you.

Master the skillsets needed to flourish on any path.

Specialise in working with these tools to help lead the way for others.

Open to the world with clarity and wisdom.

Appreciate how your life as a changemaker is unfolding and share lessons with others.


The Ākāśa Akademy works with five skillsets at the cutting-edge of contemporary changemaking. The step-by-step lessons in each course will guide you in using these skillsets that can be applied in any project or enterprise.

Impact Mapping

Master new ways to explore the positive and negative impact you have on the world. Understand what to map and who to involve in a process to get a better perspective.

Futures Design

Ignite your imagination to envision future worlds. Adopt design thinking to engage others with these ideas and start to experiment with ways of bringing them to reality.

Community Empowerment

Discover the art of hosting conversations for making change. Learn how to facilitate collaboration and build strong relationships with different communities.

Creative Storytelling

Learn the skill of storytelling and become an inspiring changemaker. Craft new narratives about the world you are creating and learn how to communicate the changes.

Appreciative Strategy

Develop systems thinking approaches to guide strategic decisions as a changemaker. Identify interests and their meaning to lead with values and build value.


The Ākāśa Akademy focuses on five mindsets that have been chosen by experts as essential for any changemaker to flourish. You will receive coaching and mentoring to support you in building these mindsets and learning how to apply them in your work and life.


Learn to use meditation, active listening and observation to become more self-aware and responsive to the challenges of the world around you.


Find commitment your purpose and the courage to face an uncertain future. Learn resilience in the face of setbacks and become more adaptive to the constant changes in life.


Build compassion and empathy towards yourself and others. Discover ways to cope with apathy and aggression and embrace radical trust in relationships.


Let go of the shame and persona concealing who you are and how you want to act in the world. Find serenity in accepting who you want to be as a changemaker.


Open up to different perspectives and find joy in the world you are creating. Appreciate your own journey and show gratitude to those helping you along.


In addition to the Basecamp features of online learning, adaptive learning, educators, certification and competence badges, and the Quest features of blended learning, purpose learning, experts, community, coaching and mentoring, the Journey includes the following features.

Lifelong Learning

Lifelong learning is a unique element of the Ākāśa Akademy. Learning to thrive as a changemaker does not happen in a weekend workshop or a ten-week course. Every experienced changemaker expects to meet new challenges and relies on a community for support and advisers for some timely wisdom. We are together for support in difficult times and to share the moments of joy on the Journey.


Collaboration is an essential component of the Journey. We will be able to connect you to other experienced and passionate young changemakers across the world. The highlight of this collaboration is the chance to regularly come together with a community of changemakers on a Plateau to share the experience of a residential retreat and work together on common passions.


The Journey will open for applications for changemakers who have completed the Quest. You can register your interest for an earlybird discount during 2016 if you have already finished the Quest or are near completion. We actively seek funds to support young changemakers and we have a limited number of scholarships for those needing additional assistance with the course fee. We are not-for-profit and all course fees are used to run the social enterprise and create value for young changemakers. Fill out this online form if you need to apply for a scholarship.


Our Plateaus are an optional extra for changemakers who are travelling on their Peaks and Valleys in the Journey. You can contact us or work with your coach and mentor to register your interest in joining our residential. We also have a limited number of scholarships for those needing additional assistance with the Plateau fee. We are not-for-profit and all course fees are used to run the social enterprise and create value for young changemakers. Fill out this online form if you need to apply for a scholarship.

More information about the Plateaus, e.g. dates and location, will be available at the beginning of 2017.

  • Residential Fees
    • Fees applicable to young people enrolled in the Journey course
  • It was the start of the beautiful journey I am embarking on now. I was awoken to the skills that lay dormant within me. Ākāśa Innovation allowed me to start enjoying life, celebrating the milestones reached and appreciating myself – elements I lacked in my entire life. I formed friendships that have redefined my own understanding of the world. These friends are caring and honest, and they are people I admire and respect and who inspire me to become a better person every day.

    MARIA-STEPHANIE JULIAN SANTANA Young Pioneer Cohort Autumn 2014
  • Combined with the educators’ attentive guidance as well as close observation and thoughtful reflection of each young changemaker’s individual journey, the programme stimulated learning and personal growth as I have not experienced before. The extended and improved skillset I take from this course could not be more relevant and important for my journey ahead. Similarly, the personal connections formed throughout the programme are lasting and provide a strong community for exchange of ideas and support.

    FLORIAN RUTSCH Ākāśa Changemaker
  • Ākāśa Innovation was more of a spiritual journey than anything else for me. It came at a time of transition and it helped me find the strengths in myself to face my fears.

    NUNU NGOASHENG Ākāśa Changemaker
  • Ākāśa Innovation has taught me the beauty of self-acceptance and the power of balance to help me flourish and become a changemaker and a leader in sustainability.

  • This is a golden opportunity for a group of youths to move on forward and not just reach in to the deep greatness of the potential within each of them, but to act as lighthouses, as beacons for others around them, and for younger generations coming up, who can then in turn do it again for another generation and another generation. It starts here. After all, what we choose to do here and now has huge ramifications for the more beautiful world, the future world, that our hearts know is possible.

    POLLY HIGGINS Barrister, Earth lover and author of "Eradicating Ecocide" and "Earth Is Our Business"
  • Learning to challenge our world view and thinking critically about new potentialities for the future are features that distinguish Ākāśa Innovation from other social enterprises. They provide the necessary tools for young entrepreneurs to transform themselves from within so they can be ready to transform the world into a more sustainable and equal place through their actions.

    VALERIA DEL CASTILLO M.Res. in Sexuality and Gender Studies, University of Birmingham

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