Basecamp is the foundation course of the Ākāśa Akademy and it prepares you with everything you need to begin in life as a changemaker. This interactive online course helps you start building the essential mindsets and skillsets to thrive within any organisation or work independently to create positive change. You will learn about new perspectives on how to build a better world and discover your unique purpose as a changemaker.

Objectives and Outcomes

Identify the core features of our current paradigm and how they create crises.

Understand the possible alternatives for a better world.

Learn the importance of essential mindsets for being an effective changemaker.

Start practicing these mindsets in your daily life.

Understand how developing each skillset aids change.

Start using these tools immediately in your work as a changemaker.

Make sense of the world you live in and the future you want.

Appreciate what is already flourishing and know how to grow it into a new paradigm.


The Ākāśa Akademy works with five skillsets at the cutting-edge of contemporary changemaking. The step-by-step lessons in each course will guide you in using these skillsets that can be applied in any project or enterprise.

Impact Mapping

Master new ways to explore the positive and negative impact you have on the world. Understand what to map and who to involve in a process to get a better perspective.

Futures Design

Ignite your imagination to envision future worlds. Adopt design thinking to engage others with these ideas and start to experiment with ways of bringing them to reality.

Community Empowerment

Discover the art of hosting conversations for making change. Learn how to facilitate collaboration and build strong relationships with different communities.

Creative Storytelling

Learn the skill of storytelling and become an inspiring changemaker. Craft new narratives about the world you are creating and learn how to communicate the changes.

Appreciative Strategy

Develop systems thinking approaches to guide strategic decisions as a changemaker. Identify interests and their meaning to lead with values and build value.


The Ākāśa Akademy focuses on five mindsets that have been chosen by experts as essential for any changemaker to flourish.


Learn to use meditation, active listening and observation to become more self-aware and responsive to the challenges of the world around you.


Find commitment your purpose and the courage to face an uncertain future. Learn resilience in the face of setbacks and become more adaptive to the constant changes in life.


Build compassion and empathy towards yourself and others. Discover ways to cope with apathy and aggression and embrace radical trust in relationships.


Let go of the shame and persona concealing who you are and how you want to act in the world. Find serenity in accepting who you want to be as a changemaker.


Open up to different perspectives and find joy in the world you are creating. Appreciate your own journey and show gratitude to those helping you along.


Online Learning

Online Learning is an important element of this course. Basecamp is hosted on the Canvas online learning platform so that your learning is affordable and available on-demand and on any device. We wanted to ensure that your first steps as a changemaker are at your own pace and on your own time.

Adaptive Learning

The focus of adaptive learning is giving you the structure and the means to focus on content that is meaningful for you. You have more control over what you learn so you can spend your time mastering useful skillsets and mindsets.


The Ākāśa Akademy has been designed by educators with years of experience in transformative learning and teaching young changemakers. Experienced and passionate young changemakers have curated and practiced the content of the video lessons and resources.


You will receive digital certification signed by the Akademic Director of Ākāśa Innovation on successful completion of Basecamp. You can use this for your LinkedIn profile or include it in your CV as a mark of distinction as a changemaker if you apply for jobs.

Competence Badges

There are simple step-by-step guides to help you complete all of the activities. The Akademic Director will give you feedback on your work and award competence badges in each of the mindsets and skillsets. Badges be displayed in your profile and developed once you are ready for the Quest.


It is simple to get started with Basecamp. The course will be available online shortly. You can receive a £100 discount for registering early interest. We want the Ākāśa Akademy to be affordable and accessible for as many young people as possible. We have created the Ākāśa Awards to cover around 40% of the Basecamp fee for a few changemakers needing a little more support in making those important first steps. We are always actively seeking funds to offer more Ākāśa Awards. We have so far managed to guarantee one Ākāśa Award for every five full-fee enrollments to Basecamp. Fill out this online form if you need to apply for an Ākāśa Award.

  • Course Fees
    • Fees applicable from 1st January 2016
  • Ākāśa Innovation transformed me from another cog in the system to an agent of change. It both questioned and informed me, ultimately leaving me with the skills and vision necessary for this time of great disruption.

    CHRIS BAIRD Ākāśa Changemaker
  • It was a great learning experience. I acquired an array of extraordinary skills that will help me transform myself as I grow older and more importantly transform the world I am living in for the better.

    MYRTO LALACOS Ākāśa Changemaker
  • The programme was a pretty challenging and tough journey which helped me redefine the paths and goals in my life by figuring out the obstacles in achieving sustainability.

    RUIQI ZENG Ākāśa Changemaker
  • I am grateful for the inspiration Ākāśa Innovation has offered me and the other young changemakers.

    FLOREE ZAMĂ-NEAGRĂ Young Pioneer Cohort Autumn 2014
  • What you are doing is very important. You are being bridges and connectors. You are connecting resources with people who could really make use of those resources, but maybe don’t know about them yet.

    DR. RICK HANSON Neuropsychologist and bestselling author of "Hardwiring Happiness"

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