Basecamp is the foundation course of the Ākāśa Akademy. It is an interactive online course that helps young changemakers build the essential mindsets and skillsets to thrive within any organisation or work independently to create positive change for people and planet.

The Quest

The Quest is the intermediate course of the Ākāśa Akademy. It is a blended-learning course with one-on-one coaching and mentoring that guides young changemakers in creating their own project or enterprise through collaboration with other changemakers.

The Journey

The Journey is the advanced course of the Ākāśa Akademy. It is a personalised blended-learning course with ongoing coaching, mentoring and add-on immersive residentials that helps young changemakers find their element and provides them with lifelong resources to support their journey.

  • The world needs every young person to contribute to positive social change. The Ākāśa Akademy gives you the right training to master the mindsets and skillsets you need to make it as a changemaker.

    Matthias Scheffelmeier Turkey Country Director, Ashoka Europe

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